STScI at the AAS 229: January 2016, Grapevine, TX

Carol Christian, carolc[at], and Brandon Lawton, lawton[at]

The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) will be at the 229th AAS meeting in Grapevine, TX with an exhibit booth and several associated events highlighting the missions we support for the science community. In particular, the Webb Town Hall will feature the public release of the tools needed to create Webb proposals, as well as the Early Release Science Call for Proposals. This event marks the formal beginning of the Webb community science mission. There will be a special session (#209) on joint observing programs between Hubble and other observatories. There will also be technical presentations in instrument sessions, a wide variety of science presentations, press releases, and ample time to confer with Hubble, Webb, WFIRST, MAST, Human Resources, and other experts throughout the meeting and in the exhibit booth.

Exhibit booth

Institute staff representing the Hubble, Webb, and WFIRST missions will be available at the Institute booth to provide information on new developments and updated status of these missions, and also to describe our upcoming initiatives for user community support. Institute experts will demonstrate the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST) portal and the new Hubble spectroscopic archive, as well as new software products for data analysis. A website and modern 3-D Exposure Time Calculator (ETC) for Webb, and PSF and image simulations for WFIRST will also be shown. The Institute will have updated booklets on Hubble and Webb instruments and related information in the booth.

"Ask an Expert"

The Institute will offer one-on-one appointments with expert staff members to provide individual assistance on a variety of topics from Hubble, Webb, WFIRST, and MAST. Topics include instrument capabilities (e.g., Webb's MIRI instrument and the Hubble WFC3 DASH survey technique), proposal planning tools (e.g., APT and ETC), pipeline products, and data analysis tools. Experts can provide guidance in areas such as proposing for Webb, information on mid-cycle Hubble proposals, coordinated observations with other observatories, and future Webb and Hubble linked programs. This service will be available through a website signup. Science-user attendees may sign up on-line for free "Ask-an-Expert" appointments at the Institute booth. The appointment service will list several categories where Institute staff can provide help, and the times when experts are available. Once you select a category and appointment time, the service will send a meeting reminder along with the name of the Institute staff member who will provide assistance.

Experts from our Office of Public Outreach will also be on hand to discuss new opportunities for scientists to become involved in E/PO initiatives, and explain our augmented reality tool for use with hand held devices. Personnel from Human Resources will be available to discuss career opportunities.