STScI Activities at AAS 230

June 2017 AAS/Austin, TX





Press releases in JW Marriott
room 402/403


Clouds in Exoplanet Atmospheres;
Giovanni Bruno (STScI)

Mon, 5 Jun

Searching for Flares from Cool Stars in GALEX Data; Chase Million (Million Concepts)

Tues, 6 June

The Brightest Galaxies in the Universe; James Lowenthal (Smith College) Also giving Plenary

Tues, 6 June 2:15
Mon, 5 Jun 3:40
Salon 5

Relativistic Deflection of Background Starlight by a Nearby White Dwarf; Kailash Sahu (STScI)

Wed, 7 June 10:15

Webb proposal planning

Webb mission

Variety of proposing tools assist the user community in preparing their observing: including an overview of Webb proposal and planning tools for the various observing modes available using the Webb instruments, demos, and hands-on sessions

Sun, 4 June, 8:00
Salon 1

STScI Exhibit


Hubble , Webb, WFIRST, MAST, HR information; STScI staff

Exhibit hall daily

Webb Exoplanets

Webb Mission

Webb proposal planning tool use case examples. This session will focus primarily on Exoplanet, Debris Disk, and Brown Dwarf Webb GTO Programs

Wed, 7 Jun 12:30
Room 205

Presentations relevant to Mission status/ updates

STScI staff

Hubble instrument techniques; Webb instrument updates; Proposing with Webb

Check sessions and posters

Note: No NASA Booth