2017 - Volume 34 - Issue 02

Another year of outstanding operations from Hubble has left us with an observatory in excellent shape that continues to add to our understanding of the universe, as it has now for over a quarter of a century. The peer-review proposal selection process plays a fundamental role in establishing a merit-based science program, and that is only possible thanks to the work and integrity of all the Time Allocation Committee (TAC) and review panel members, and the external reviewers. With our sincere gratitude to all who participated in this important community service, and to all of the proposers for keeping Hubble’s scientific demand very high, we present here the highlights of the Cycle 25 selection process.

Our Place in Space Venice and Chiavenna, Italy

The Our Place in Space exhibit, a blend of striking Hubble images and art reflecting Hubble's influence on the public and culture, opened in Venice, Italy in February 2017 and moved to Chiavenna, Italy in May 2017. The exhibit has captured the imagination of visitors and engendered much positive commentary by the press and social media. Several notable events were held in conjunction with the exhibit in both locations.